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In iHADLab, we conduct multiscale analyses, ranging from in-situ tissue joint loading, to the development of patient assistive devices, and to the simulation of musculoskeletal pathology under mechanical loading. The outcome of each hierarchical size scale study describes a different aspect of the tissue mechanobiology. Thus, by cross-linking these findings, we hope to discover the load sharing mechanism, predict tissue failure, and assist treatments.

Amin Komeili

Our lab researches include a wide range of topics such as design of human assistive devices and tissue mechanics. We use theoretical and experimental approaches toward understanding the mechanobiology of tissues, such as cartilage. We also apply machine learning techniques on the clinical images, such as CT scans, to diagnose soft tissue diseases.

Amin Komeili

In iHADLab, diversity is a culture. We promote women leaders in engineering and support young female engineers to become successful and cultivate their creativity and allowing it to flourish. We stand to make the current gender gap a thing of the past.

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion